How to Use The Shipper Administrator Functionalities?

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Each company should have at least one shipper administrator who has the power to manage users, assignments and company data on the PRISMA platform on behalf of the company.

To upgrade a regular user to the administrator role, you must submit the following documents to

1. Our Power of Attorney Form, signed by a person entitled to sign on behalf of your company;

2. A copy of your company's Registry Extract where the name of that person appears.

Your company may have as many administrators as you want.

Once your form is processed, you will be upgraded and additional functionalities will be added to your account.

Administrative Functionalities

A shipper admin account looks slightly different from a regular account. It contains an additional menu item at the top of the page, where all new administrative functionalities are located:

Once you click on "Shipper Admin," you will have access to:

(1) User Overview  

(2) Company Data 

(3) Premium Services

1 - User Overview

Under "User overview," you can manage all the users of your company. You can view and manage their data and assignments, register new users and deactivate old ones. 

PDF and CSV exports of the user overview table are also available at the bottom right of the page.

a. New User Registration

To register new users, simply click on "Register new user" in the top-right corner of the page. Then, go through the regular PRISMA registration process.

b. User Deactivation

To deactivate a user, do as follows: 

1. Click on "Details" in the overview screen.

2. Click on "Deactivate" in the top-right corner.

3. Finally, you'll be asked to confirm your decision:

c. Change of Contact Data and Notifications

If, instead, you wish to edit one of your colleagues' contact data or notifications, do so by clicking on the "Edit" button:

Note: Some data, like name and email address of the user, cannot be changed here, but must be requested by submitting Form 3: Change of User Information.

d. Assigned Operators

As a shipper admin, you have the possibility to manage the assignments of all users of your company, besides your own. Please click on "View Operators" to add or cancel assignments for any users of your company.

2 - Company Data

Under "Company Data," you can manage some of your company details. To do so, click on the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the page. You can change your (1) company address, (2) bank details, (3) billing address and add (4) a capacity user DVGW code.

Note: To change the name, the EIC Code, the DVGW and/or VAT number of your company, you must still provide a Form 2: Change of Company Name, VAT, EIC or DVGW

3 - Premium Services

Under "Premium services," you can subscribe to our Prisma API service by turning on the toggle button and following the instructions.

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