Secondary Market - How to Place a Trade Response?

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This article explains where to find trade proposals and how to place a response to them.


To respond to a trade proposal, do as follows:

1. Log into the platform.

2. Navigate to the "Transport" tab.

3. Click on the "Secondary trading" section.

4. Select "Offers" if you are looking for capacity to buy, otherwise on "Requests" if instead you are going to sell capacity you own already.

4. You can use the "Find proposal" filter to find a proposal which matches your requirements.

5. Alternatively, you can scroll down and look at the proposals which are already filtered by network points.

The default filter will show you the open proposals at your favourite network points. To display all proposals, click on "Show all":

Note: you will be able to view the details of all proposals, but you will only be able to respond to the ones made at network points of TSOs you have an assignment with.

6. From the table, select "Details" to be brought to the overview page for the proposal to which you would like to respond.

7. On this page, you will be able to create a response to an offer.

8. Here, insert your desired capacity amount, the price and runtime you are interested in (not available for OTC) as well as the acceptance deadline (for CFO only) by which the initiating shipper should accept or reject your proposal.

9. You can also insert a trader list (only for FCFS and CFO) in case you want to ensure that the initiating shipper is on it:

Should the initiating shipper not be on it, you won't be able to place the response.

10. Then, accept the trading conditions, the general terms and conditions of the TSO(s) and the REMIT reporting obligations, if you don't subscribe to PRISMA's REMIT reporting service before you can submit your response. 

The page will update to also show the details of the newly created trade response:

After a response has been sent, you'll get a confirmation e-mail with the response details. 

In the case of CFO, you'll also have the option to withdraw your response:

Note: The details you are requested to enter when responding to a proposal may vary based on the transaction type.

A trade will be automatically created if no further action from the initiating shipper and the TSO(s) is required (not for CFO). In all other cases, the response and the trade are subject to approval.

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