Inside Information Platform (IIP) - How to Subscribe to PRISMA's RSS Feed?

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If you want to be up-to-speed with the UMMs published on our Inside Information Platform, you have the option to subscribe to our RSS Feed. This will give you the advantage of receiving the messages in a reader of your choice instead of reading them on the platform.

There are different ways to subscribe to the RSS Feed, this article describes how to locate the URL necessary to follow PRISMA's feed and how to set up the feed on an RSS reader app or browser extension, and how to add it to a team channel on Microsoft Teams.

Instructions to locate the RSS Feed URL

1. Log into your account (optional);

2. Click on "UMM" on the top menu;

3. You will find the "Subscribe to RSS Feed" button on the top right corner of the page;

4. Upon clicking on the button, if you do not have any RSS reader already setup, you will see the following screen and the URL that corresponds to PRISMA's feed:

How to Set Up the RSS Feed on an app or browser extension

There are many websites, apps and browser extensions that allow you to read and follow RSS feeds. 

Among them, Feedly is one of the most popular and the following article explains how to use it on a website, mobile app, and a browser extension (for Chrome and Firefox): How to follow a feed in your Feedly account.

Another good reader is feeder, which provides browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Edge, as well as the possibility to set up email updates if you log in with your email address. How to add feeds to your feeder account.

How to Set Up the Microsoft Teams RSS Feed Reader

In the attached video tutorial, you can learn how to receive PRISMA's UMMs in your Microsoft Teams account.


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