How to Check Your Credit Limits?

Modified on: Thu, 30 Jun, 2022 at 2:36 PM



To perform any kind of activities in the primary, secondary, or storage markets on PRISMA, you must have a sufficient credit limit if the operator requires a credit check. 

A credit limit is the maximum outstanding balance which each TSO or SSO assigns to a shipper.


1. Log into PRISMA.

2. Go to "Operators" at the top of the page.

3. Then click on the details of the operator whose credit information you would like to view.


4. Scroll down to see the credit limits.

  • The identifier is the name of the limit the operator has assigned to you, which must be unique.
  • The static amount designates your total credit limit. It is the monetary threshold assigned by the operator.
  • The used amount designates the sum of your all transactions (both concluded and not concluded) with that operator. It is updated immediately after you have placed a bid, and reverted if the bid is removed or is not successful. 
  • The application column, which specifies to which types of products the credit limit applies.

    This column may display intervals in curly brackets: they refer to the secondary market and FCFS bookings, which means that the credit limit check will only be performed if the runtime of the product lies within that interval.

  • An interval, which establishes a validity period in regard to the product runtime.
  • A framework, which is the underlying settings of the credit limit established by the operator.
  • A type, which indicates whether this credit limit follows the standard or the stacked logic.

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