How to View your Assignments to Operators?

Modified on: Fri, 24 Nov, 2023 at 4:54 PM



To trade on the platform, you need at least one assignment to an operator - TSO or SSO. 
After you are registered on the platform, the shipper admin must select one or more operators from which you should be allowed to buy capacity.

Note: The approval of assignments is not automatic, but depends rather on the requirements of each TSO and SSO. Check the requirements needed for registration by each TSO on our market participants' screen.


To view your assignments, do as follows: 

1. Log in;

2. Go to "Operators" on the top menu.

Here, you will find an overview of all your current assignments and their current statuses: (1) "Waiting for approval," (2) "Approved," (3) "Temporarily disabled" and (4) "Cancelled."

1. The status in the column "Company assignment" refers to the assignment status of your company with the operator.

2. The status in the column "User assignment" refers instead to your user assignment status with such operator.


By clicking on "Details" in the operator row, you can see additional information such as:

1. the operator's contact details, assignment status as well as required documents for registration with them;

2. credit limits (if any);

3. portfolio codes and balancing groups assigned to your company (if any).

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