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1. Overview

The PRISMA platform allows you to find the details pertaining to a certain network point. In this manner, you can find general information and auctions, which take place there.

2. Network Point Search

From the main page: You can search all active network points by using the search bar on the top right corner of the platform main page. Simply type the name, marketer or ID and wait for the results to pop up in the menu.

From the transport page: You can also find a more detailed search feature by navigating to the "Network Points" section found under the Transport menu. 

Here, you may specify the details of the network point you are trying to find. You can also download a CSV file with all of the information in the table by clicking the CSV button, found in the lower right corner of the page.

3. Network Point Detail Page

Below, you may find an example of a network point details page.

Here you can see the general information regarding the network point such as operator, capacity category, product type etc. 

Furthermore, if you're logged into your account, you can also some initiate transactions. By clicking on the arrow in the blue button on the top right corner, a menu will appear showing all the available options: capacity surrender, proposal to sell etc.

Information about recent and current auction activities at this point, as well as information about your company's activities at this point, can be found via the menu on the right side of the page.

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