Mobile Token - How to Set up Your Mobile Token?

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Once your registration on the platform has been processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Customer Success team as well as a temporary password valid for 24 hours.

Follow the steps below to complete the setup of your account.

Note: if your temporary password expires, please contact Customer Success to receive a new one. 


To log into the platform, do as follows:

1. Click on "Log In" in the top-right corner of the platform page;

2. Enter your email and your temporary password;

3. Click on "Continue".

Now you will be prompted to change password:

Now you'll get a QR code to activate your mobile token. You can use this QR-Code with a variety of digital authenticators such as:

Play Store: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 2FA Authenticator

Apple App Store: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 2FA Authenticator

1. Use the QR Code on your app of choice;

2. Enter the generated verification code:

3. Finally, click on "Continue."

Thereafter, you will be asked to enter a fallback mobile phone number in case you somehow lose access to your token and need to access the platform:

1. Select the country code and enter your fallback mobile phone number;

2. Then, click on "Continue" to receive an SMS message with a confirmation code;

3. If you wish to skip this passage now, please click on "Remind me later. Continue to the platform". 

You'll be able to set the fall-back number at a later time.

1. Optional: Click on "Resend Code" to receive another SMS message with a different code. You may alter the phone number in the field on the side;

2. Enter the code you received in the message;

3. Click on "Continue" to conclude the process.

4. You can still skip this passage by clicking on "Remind me later. Continue to the platform".

All done! You have successfully completed the setup of your account.

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