Reporting - How to See My Transactions?

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The reporting section of the platform includes now a new section called "My Transactions" which gives you an easy overview of all your company's activity with all your counterparties (Transactions) as well as an overview of your uploaded legacy transactions (Multi-Year).

Moreover, it is from this table that you will be able to perform some actions available only if the TSO has subscribed to the PRISMA Capacity Management module.

Note: FCFS bookings are currently not included in the "My Transactions" overview.


To reach this overview, do as follows:

1. Log into your account;

2. Go to "Reporting" on the blue menu;

3. Then, select "My Transactions":

You will land in the "Transactions" page. The table holds a quick view of the most important information regarding your company's activity, i.a. the name of the TSO you interacted with, the runtime, and the transaction type.

4. From the link in the "Transaction Type" column, you can access the auction or trade deals directly or click on the three dots in the "Actions" column and select "Details"

5. You will also have the possibility to create a trade proposal directly from this overview:

6. If the operator in question subscribes to the Capacity Management service, you will also be able to create surrender requests, create conversion requests or allocate the capacity to a balancing group:

7. If an auction resulted in a surcharge being added to the regulated tariff, or there is more price information for a secondary trade, the table indicates this with an "S" symbol next to the regulated tariff information. 

If you hover over this, a tooltip will show you the additionally available information.

8. If you expand the filter, you can refine your search by different parameters.

Note: The filters will only suggest values that exist in the data. So, if you are, for example, searching for network points at which you have not bought any capacity yet, they will not be shown as a filter value to you.

9. In the filter, you can select the Transaction Type "Multi-Year Transport Allocation" to see your legacy transactions.

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