How to View My Portfolio Transaction History at Each Network Point?

Modified on: Tue, 30 Aug, 2022 at 5:19 PM



As a shipper, you can now have an overview of your transaction history at a specific network point in your user account. This feature will help you understand your portfolio better and enable you to plan ahead.


To have an overview of the transactions in your portfolio, do as follows:

1. Log into your account;

2. Click on "Transport" on the top blue menu;

3. Then, click on "Network Points" right below;

4. Finally, on the list, find the desired network point and click on details.

On the details page, there will be a short menu below the network point name. Click on "Portfolio Overview:"

You will now find yourself in the "Portfolio Overview" page.

1. By default, you will be shown the overview of your bookings for the runtime covering the month in progress until the end of the subsequent month.

2. If you click on the funnel icon, the filter will open and you will be able to set the runtime as well as the time unit of your choice.

3. The "My Portfolio" graph will contain the amount of capacity booked for the specified runtime. You will see nothing if there is no data to be displayed.

4. If there is any maintenance during the runtime covered by your portfolio, you will see a grey area.

5. The "Underlying Transactions" table will give you a summary of the transactions through which the capacity has been acquired.

6. By clicking on the three dots on the "Actions" column, you will be able to display the details of the transaction as well as perform the same activities you are allowed to carry out in the "My Transactions" section of the platform.

Note: you will be able to see your portfolio overview at any network points. However, you will be able to create surrender and conversion requests as well allocate the capacity to balancing groups only at the points of operators subscribing to the PRISMA Capacity Management service.

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