How to remove your code from the Authenticator app in iOS

Modified on: Tue, 12 Oct, 2021 at 9:24 AM



When your 6-digit code no longer works and you need to remove it from the authenticator app, follow the steps outlined here under.

Note: this article refers to iOS systems. For Android devices, check here.


Google Authenticator:


1. Click on three dots in the top right corner:

2. Then, select "Edit":

3. Click on the pencil icon next to the account which you want to remove;

4. Click on the trash icon in the top right corner;

5. Then, click on "Save":

6. Finally, confirm your choice by selecting "Remove account".

 2FA Authenticator: 

1. Click on the menu on the left side of the account which you want to remove:

2. Click on "Delete":

3. Activate the toggle button "I want to delete this service";
4. Then, click on "Remove this token forever":

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