How to Use the "Forgot Password?" Functionality?

Modified on: Tue, 27 Dec, 2022 at 3:11 PM



If you have an active account on PRISMA and do not remember the password with which you used to log into the platform, you can set up a new password by using the "Forgot Password?" functionality.

For this purpose, follow the instructions below.


To log into the platform, do as follows:

1. Click on "Login" in the upper-right corner of the page;

2. Enter your email address in the relevant field;

3. Select "Forgot Password?":

4. In the following step, confirm that you would like to reset the password for the specified account:

5. If the email address inserted is connected to an existing account on the platform, you will receive via email a six-digit verification code.

6. Additionally, you will have the possibility to enter a new password which fulfills all the criteria.

7. Confirm the new password.

8. Click on "Change" to confirm the change of password.

9. A green box in the top-right corner will inform you that the new password has been saved and can be used immediately to log in.

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