How to Know if You Are Ready to Take Part in an Auction?

Modified on: Wed, 10 Apr, 2024 at 11:27 AM



If you wish to participate in an auction, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary requirements. 

Note: Keep in mind that granting you these requirements might take some time, so please get informed ahead of time and make sure you are ready to go at least one week before the auction starts.


To take part in an auction, make sure that:

1. you can access your account with your credentials and hardware or mobile token;

2. your assignments for the TSOs at whose points you wish to trade are approved;

3. you have a sufficient credit limit with your assigned TSOs; 

4. you have the correct balancing groups and/or portfolio codes assigned, if they apply.

Additionally, you can also set your favourite network points, so you can find your auctions more easily, and create a long-term comfort bid (for long-term auctions) or a day-ahead comfort bid (for day-ahead auctions), so that you don't have to worry about placing the bid while the auction is running.

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